The Comforts of Camping


When I was living in Portland I decided it was time to get myself a comfortable sleeping bag for any kind of trip. In my experience a zero degree always worked well because I can unzip if i’m hot. I used to own a nice Coleman that was way too heavy and took up far too much space. But I loved the extra comfort when I slept. When I hitch-hiked into Redding over a year ago my sleeping bag was stolen from Ace’s jeep in the night. Not all was lost, for a few months later it was replaced. Ace and I have been trying to replace all my my stubborn heavy equipment with lightweight, ultra-durable gear. We did some research, and came up with the Teton Sports LEEF. I was doubtful, as I am with any new sleeping bag, because I’m 6'3". Being surprised by a small sleeping bag is not uncommon, and extremely irritating. I was impressed the first time I used this new sleeping bag, because I never overheated. Plus, when you use a compression sack it becomes smaller than a basketball. Although this LEEF sleeping bag is ultra-light, it carries the weight of a heavy duty, long-distance sleeping bag. When my darling wife and I sleep up in the pop-top bed of our Westfalia, we lay down our two Thermarests (another great piece of gear), and get zipped up in the mummy bags. We squish together like two little caterpillars. I would say I have not had a bad night’s sleep in this sleeping bag, but unfortunately for me there is plenty that interacts with the van at night (or so our dog, Copper thinks.)


My back thanked me tremendously for cutting down the amount of weight I was carrying with me when I would hike.  I had to make some adjustments, but one that really changed the game was investing in a quality sleeping bag that I could depend on that is also shockingly light. Check out the Teton Sports LEEF, your back will thank you, and you will sleep well in any weather.