1. We give up those monsters inside that are meant to hurt others in order to protect ourselves.

  2. We don’t speak out of anger or embarrassment with razor sharp tongues meant to cut down each other.

  3. We invite ourselves (and each other) to step outside the comforts of our previous lifestyle. We try new things.

  4. We allow ourselves to tell each other the truth. The sweet truths that bring us closer to each other and the harsh truths that bring us closer to ourselves.

  5. We willingly go blind and give up any real control we once basked in as untethered humans. We lose the “I” as it becomes “we” and we begin to realize how our decisions affect other people.

  6. We strive to become that best version of ourselves, and we forgive one another for not being perfect.

  7. We say yes where we used to say no. “Yes, I will do that thing I was previously scared of doing”. We gain an extra sense of courage knowing we won’t have to do it alone.

  8. We cook. We clean. We pick a different flavor than normal. We show up. We tighten our arms around each other and hold on. We take out the trash. We give up our old selfish tendencies. We break down. We lift up.