To Toe Shoe or Not To Toe Shoe? That is the Question...



I have always been the kind of person that loves to run and walk around without my shoes on. When I was real small I used to come home with some pretty rough feet because I just didn’t think of putting shoes on. This being San Diego, where the sun beats down hard on the asphalt. If you’re like me and you enjoy something simple like this, you know the satisfying sound of bare feet slapping against a surface mid run. Recently in my life I have been going to a lot of new places in different states. I seem to encounter a lot of plants that don’t like it when you walk where they dwell. Poison oak, (luckily, I don’t get it but Ace does), button cactus, out-of-place sidewalks, stickers, shifting river stones, broken glass... you name it, I have run my bare feet through it.  I have even gone as far as to try and train my feet to be tough, just like my hands - and quite successfully. This all being said I have had another person enter my life, which graces me with the opportunity to have someone who cares about my well-being. She noticed my multitude of foot wounds, and asked me if I had ever considered toe shoes. I had seen them in the past, but never really put the time aside to try any on or see what they were about. We went to a local store up the hill from us and tried some on. I fell in love with a very basic, black, almost ninja-like shoe. I really like the different ways I can use each on of my toes, and the different angles I can flex my ankles when I walk. These really helped me to do WAY more in my day, because that little added protection makes a huge difference. You can also enter stores that normally wouldn’t let you enter if you were barefoot. It feels like being barefoot, due to the soles that hug the contours of your feet, with siped soles. Siping allows heat and moisture to enter and exit the shoe. This helps when I’m walking in water, because I can still dry quickly, but also have the comfort of a wetsuit on my feet.

If you love being connected to the nature in which you’re hiking, and want to invest in your foot safety, check out Vibram's Five Fingers (ironically, a toe shoe). They also have a multitude of textures and grips to suit your everyday needs. If you’re also sick of sandals and flip flops check out these fly kicks!

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