Grand Teton National Park and Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Upon leaving Yellowstone and driving into Jackson Hole, we luckily had to drive right through Grand Teton National Park. I had never done much research on the Tetons, and hadn't really come across any photos of the park, so when I caught my first glimpse of those jagged mountains, I was BLOWN AWAY.

The day we made it into the park to explore, we experienced a quick, but very intense rainstorm. The weather made the park seem more wild. The colors popped, the plants had just had a drink and were shining with life!

The mountains, looming in the distance, had some kind of quiet power. They had a presence about them that spoke volumes to me about nature, and our planet. They whispered about all of Earth's secrets, about what is really valuable here - clean air, clean water, solitude, the hierarchy of beasts. This place made me feel more at home in nature than I ever really have before. I was truly humbled, and grateful to have experienced these magical moments near the Tetons.

Grand Teton National Park was such a splendid surprise, and I could spend a lot more time there.