1. Be kind and understanding. ALWAYS.

  2. Assume everyone is doing the best they can.

  3. Nothing bad happens when someone is offended - try an exercise in civil discourse.

  4. Choose people over party.

  5. Cut people some slack! Seriously.

  6. Don’t tear someone down to teach them a lesson. Learn how to fucking communicate effectively.

  7. Forgive, and move on. Forgive yourself, too.

  8. Drink water.

  9. Don’t be a fucking racist. Don’t be a misogynist, don’t be an asshole, don’t be a dick, etc.

  10. Respect a persons chosen pronouns, it’s really not hard.

  11. Don’t push your religion down someone else’s throat, NOR allow it to affect laws and politics.

  12. Teach your children about consent, PLEASE!

  13. Eat just a little less meat. It’s good for you, and the environment.

  14. Give a shit that something is good for the environment. Don’t lie to yourself - our planet is important, even more important than capitalism or materialism.

  15. Build smaller houses and buy less shit. Buy things that last. Buy things that can be repaired. Buy secondhand.

  16. Learn to fix things or support a local business that fixes things.

  17. Let people do things their own way - it’s how we learn.

  18. Don’t take away someone’s opportunity to learn a lesson or grow as a person.

  19. Stop giving so much advice (yes, I see how this is an ironic rule but we’ll get over that one). Seriously, try it for a month and watch people choose the right path for themselves. If they don’t, it’s an opportunity for them to learn. It’s beautiful.

  20. No one is perfect. Some people will never learn. Accept it and move on.

  21. You are no longer allowed to blame other people - FOR ANYTHING.

  22. Stop feeding your anger habit. Log the reasons you get angry and see if any of them stem from blaming other people.

  23. Stop the negative self-talk. Stop doubting yourself. You actually are fucking incredible and you have the ability to do all the things you’ve always wanted.

**This list will grow and change as I learn on my own, and as people teach me.