Salmon, Idaho and Glacier National Park

As my search for a good internet connection continues, I lose hope. Do they exist anymore? Isn't it 2015? Where is Nikola Tesla when you need him? Why isn't there free high speed wireless internet everywhere? 

Upon leaving Idaho, we re-discovered the freedom of the American open road.

We went to Salmon, Idaho and stayed at one of the top 10 waterfront RV parks in the nation, right on the Salmon River. We drove 20 some odd miles down the river on a dirt road on the recommendation of an old lady. She had told us that we could get the BEST burgers ever at the Shoup Store. 

We loved the chocolate chip cookie, until we saw flies all over the other ones on the counter - too late! We had eaten it already. I loved the HUGE bacon burger, until we paid the guy who cooked it for us and saw his disgustingly dirty hands. Like, scratched-my-ass(hole)*-then-played-in-the-dirt-before-I-made-your-burger dirty. All in all, it was a strange but fun experience. And we didn't vomit afterwards, so that was a plus. 

The Salmon River is such a beautiful and serene spot. After hanging in Idaho for almost a month with all of the people we love, it took a little getting used to being just the 2 of us again, but Salmon was the perfect spot for us to do that. 

After Salmon, we drove up to Columbia Falls, Montana - just a few miles outside of Glacier National Park. 

WOW. Let me just say that again, WOW. Glacier did not disappoint. Anyone who has ever wanted to go to Glacier, drop everything, and just go. It's phenomenal. There was a fire that had closed the famous Going to the Sun Road that leads over Logan's Pass and the Continental Divide, and it was super crowded during the day. We decided to wake up at 5:30AM and get up there while the sun was rising, and it turned out to be such a great decision.

There were still quite a few people who had the same idea as us, but just a small enough group that the mountain goats still came out. 

It was really quiet, and cool, and just awesome. I can't really find words that explain the feeling of being at the top of the Continental Divide at 6:30 AM watching the mountain goats munch while the mountain fog burned off. 


*sorry (not sorry)